5G contention: quarrel allies because of the Chinese network

One of the strongest unions in the world is the alliance of the USA and Great Britain. These two countries are close economically, politically, culturally, historically, linguistically, and God knows how else. It is believed that it is almost impossible to embroil them. However, some people seem to have succeeded.

Recently it became known that the United States threatens Britain with an end to cooperation in the field of intelligence. This is an almost impossible situation. If you watched at least one movie with James Bond, then you know that the CIA has always helped the British agent 007.

Of course, this is just a movie. But in life, the two intelligence officers are sometimes even more connected. The fact is that the United States and the United Kingdom, along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada, are part of the global spy system “Five Eyes.” Within this system, cooperation is even closer than in NATO.

In general, it is simply impossible to overestimate the negative effect of the quarrel between the CIA and MI6. It is almost like a civil war between the secret services of the same country. Of course, questions arise here: “What is happening at all? How did it happen? Why could this conflict arise at all?” The answer is simply amazing. The most loyal allies quarreled because of his most powerful opponent – China.

I have already talked about the new generation wireless transmission system – 5G. Its implementation will be a real quantum leap and phase transition for business. Without going into details, we can say that this is how to move from using horses to cars and trains. This is just a new era. Those who fall behind will definitely lose out in global competition.

What caused the conflict between the allies?

But there is a problem. The entire complex of equipment for 5G is now being made only by Chinese companies. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party is doing everything possible to ensure that the whole world switches to the use of this system as soon as possible. Many people suspect that China is building a global 5G network, which will be controlled by itself.

First, there is the fear that Beijing will be able to read and listen to all the messages and conversations within this network. Secondly, there is a risk that China will be able to disconnect from it those who for some reason do not like it. Whole countries, whose governments behave badly or huge global companies, if they compete with their Chinese counterparts.

In general, there is a reasonable suspicion that the 5G system is a tool for seizing power over the whole world. The Americans, who now indirectly control our planet themselves, having created Pax Americana, of course, oppose this. They persuade all their allies not to take Chinese components to create a 5G system.

Previously, Washington threatened the problems of the Czech Republic and Poland, who were tempted by Chinese equipment. And now the turn has reached the UK. There are leaks in the British press that the government is secretly going to buy Chinese stations for 5G. And although this is not about the central, but about the peripheral stations, the Americans were furious.

According to the United States, the British are ready to sell cooperation in the framework of the “Five Eyes” for 5G. Australia, which has already banned Chinese equipment, is also unhappy. London became almost an outcast in the company of their own former colonies.

How can this conflict threaten countries?

I suppose that now they will somehow settle this question, but fundamentally this will not remove the problem. Americans and their allies urgently need to come up with and create some sensible and inexpensive alternative to the Chinese 5G. If this does not happen, then they are waiting for two options.

The first is a lag in economic development. Relatively speaking, they will remain on their patriotic “horses”, although the whole world will already be riding Chinese “cars.” The second option is the transfer of a part of the allies to the Chinese system, which will provoke the collapse of the Five Eye system and even, maybe, NATO. After this, China will definitely gain control over all information flows.

Both options are extremely unpleasant and both threaten the loss of the American leader in the world. If the government of the United States and other Western countries do not urgently address this problem, then very soon we will all have to learn Chinese.